SoleMagic #1

SOLEMAGIC #1 “Solebox X Reebok Omni Zone Pump Part 2″

Solebox + Magic = Solemagic


Solemagic ist ein Experiment.
In kurzen Clips werden Neuheiten aus der Schuhszene vorgestellt.
In den Videos auch auf Zauberkunst zurückgegriffen, um visuelle Effekte
,neben der herkömmlichen Videobearbeitung, zu erzielen.
Es ist eine Kolaboration zwischen Solebox und zwei Zauberern aus Berlin.


Solemagic is an experiment.
Short clips that feature innovations in the shoescene.
The videos also contain magic effects that cause visual
eyecandy in addition to the conventional editing.
It’s a collaboration between Solebox and two magicians from Germany.


Watch out for the next episodes…


Thank you for all your emails and calls about the Omnizone Pump.

Release Details are following..once we have a final date, we will announce it. Mid of April is the plan.
But upfront:

- no reservations are possible, sorry.
- we will care about our international customers with a certain amount for an online release!
- price will be around 170 Euro. last year was 195 Euro.
- please wait for additional information about exact release date and details. we will communicate once all is set.
- check our blog, website and facebook page for updates.



    I want a pair of these so bad!!!!! Man shipping is gonna be bad “/

  • Hi, I’m from Indonesia. This shoe is lovely, i would like to buy it online, but i’m not really sure about my size though (since i never used reebok) can i measure the size using other type of reebok shoes? May i know the e-mail of SOLEBOX? thank you.