Reebok x Solebox Omnizone Release Masterplan

Here it goes:

14th of April is set!

Price: 170 Euro
Comes with Glow-In-The-Dark Solebox/Reebok Shopping Bag.

Sizerun: us9.5-us12, us13 (sadly no smaller sizes available due to legal issues)

We will release the Omnizone Pump Instore first.
One per customer. Get your friends & family (aunt,uncle,kids,dogs) ready for the release.

To  honor “wearers”: Every customer with the Orange Solebox Omnizone Pumps on the feet does not need to wait. We will let them in first on release day. So let us see how many people bought them last time to wear.

Online: We will offer a certain amount of pairs for our international NON-EU customers online.. Release details will follow for this after the instore release…

Thank you all for your patience on this release.



    So even for the online release nothing small than a 9.5? And if so can I get one made in a 8.5? Lol I would pay extra of course.

  • I am usually an US8.5/US9 I did not got them made in my size. But maybe you have more luck : )

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  • How can i get this ? im french . thx

  • Props to Solebox for another awesome release, it looks like the drop is being handled with great professionalism & respect for those that really want the shoe.
    Very good news…cant wait!

  • I absolutely cannot wait. You double box to the USA, hopefully :)

  • so everybody from within the EU has to come to Berlin? other parts of Germany or maybe Iceland for example – what about keeping the “camping” craze to a minimum?

  • [...] 14th as an in-store release, with a limited number of pairs being made available via the store’s website at a later [...]

  • Cant wait for these, thank you so much for the online release, i had a pair of la lights growing up so this are must-do-what-it-takes-to-get-my-hands-on-these shoes!

  • [...] 14th as an in-store release, with a limited number of pairs being made available via the store’s website at a later [...]

  • hi, I am livinng in Netherlands and I wanna ask would you releaseit online within EU customer,I can not going to Berlin to buy because I have exam at that period.

  • Darn thanks hikmet you guys are still awesome

  • I m living in Boston & i m sooooo impatient to buy them online !!!!! waiting for some news to buy them as soon as available on line !!!! They re just KILLER shoes !!!

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  • HI Hikmet, what time will the release be happening? I have a flight coming in on friday the 13th of april to Berlin and leaving on saturday the 14th at 14:55 back tom manchester england. Will this be a midnight release/party or morning releas? please reply, thanks

  • [...] Nachmittag veröffentlichte Hikmet im neuen Solebox Blog die Info, dass man sich für den Release des grünen Reebok x Solebox Omnizone den 14.04.2012 [...]

  • @Sohail: Once you are in Berlin, come to the shop. We will care about you, that you can handle everything in time for your backflight.

  • Hallo! Ich wohne in Paris und fliege nach New York in April. Gibt es Lieferungsmöglichkeiten nach Frankreich ? Ich brauche diese Schuhe in grün, die sind geil ! Danke für ihre Antwort.

    Hi, i live in Paris and i have a trip to New York mid of April…Do you ship to France ? i need this shoes in green, they are amazing !
    thank you for your answer.

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  • Hi,
    hoffe mal ihr habt genügend von den schuhen, so dass sich das Kommen bzw. Campen (von weit her) auch für die lohnt, die kein Vorkaufsrecht, also keinen Orangen haben. Oder???

  • @Fro: Es gab ca.60 Orange im Verkauf. Von denen gefühlte 80% auf ebay landeten. Rechne mal mit ca. 10 Leuten die Orange zum Tragen gekauft haben und zum Release anhaben werden. Und: Es gibt mehr als 10 Paar Schuhe auch mehr als 60 Paar Schuhe. Bist herzlich willkommen.

  • Das wird mein erstes “Sneaker-camping”. Anreise erfolgt aus Bremen. Obwohl ich eher der Jordan-Träger bin, freue ich mich wie wild auf den Release. Die Dinger werden definitiv gerockt. Wären die orangenen über die Bucht nicht so teuer, würde ich auch da noch zugreifen…

  • Kool, endlich, dann nehme ich mir einen halben Tag Urlaub, ab wann macht ihr am 14. Auf? Ich trage die Schube selbst und bin kein fucking wiederverkäufer…


  • [...] SOLEBOX hat die Fakten für den Release des Green Reebok x Solebox Omnizone 2012 in zwei Wochen, am 14. April 2012,  auf den Tisch gelegt. Der Schuh wird für 170,00 Euro zunächst nur Instore erhältlich sein. Zu dem Schuh gibt es eine Glow-In-The-Dark Solebox/Reebok Shopping Tasche. Die Verfügbaren Größen decken die Range von US 9,5 bis US 12 und 13 ab. Pro Head wird nur ein Schuh verkauft (also bringt Eure Tante, Onkel, Kinder, Hund und Schwipp-Schwager mit). [...]

  • whats the time frame that the online release of these shoes. is it going to be a few days after the store release or weeks.

  • NeeD them in a ten there super sexy and can’t wait hopefully I get a pair so I can represent sole box in America happy easter

  • i neeeeeed these sneakers 170 euros adds up to how many crappy U.S dollars> about 225 right?? is there any way to garuntee a size 13?! i need them baddd!

  • Hey. Good morning. Today is the big day!!. I’m living in Spain and I can not go to Berlin for them. Will online sales for Spain? When will it be?. It is a gift for a sick relative, and I can not navigate to your store. I should be obliged to inform me as soon as possible. It would be the best gift because it is the only thing I request for his birthday. A greeting. Thank you very much

  • Im in NY and im trying to buy online but it won’t go through please help!!!!!