Solebox + Reebok Omni Zone Instore Release Pics





    Warten vorm Apple Store isn Scheiss dagegen…..

  • buenas tardes.

    Querria saber cuando estar disponibles las Reebok Omnizone para compra online en Europa, ya que es muy injusto que solo esten disponible para compra por internacional.

    Un saludo.

  • Man i wish i could have been at the release but i got a pair online so it all good, glad yall ship to America

  • i couldnt agree more trav my order finally went through this afternoon sick shoe thanks solebox!!!!

  • Copped mine around 11:00PM EST. Thank God for my big foot! sz 13 was still available. I’m super stoked on these. Awesome Solebox ships to the US.

  • My order went straight thru around two O’clock, thanks to my iPhone. Sick sneakers can’t wait until they touch down in USA.. Thanks sole box…

  • So bummed I missed out, I was checking the website throughout the day from the US, and didn’t check for a couple hours in the evening, then went on at like 11:30pm, and only size 13 available. Sucks.

  • I tried so hard to get my size around 9:15pm EST, no luck, coz the site didnt want to load :(