Bugaboo Donkey by Solebox

Sole Lovers and Sole Daddys..

Hikmet is not only a sneaker guy. He is a family man with kids.
And off course he is looking for the best for his kids. So he has chosen Bugaboo as the best.
But he needed something more special. So he worked on a Bugaboo Donkey.
A special Edition by him!

Here are some details to mention:
- All black frame
- Tailored Fabric Set “Solebox German Camo”
- Glow in the Dark Stars on the inside of the Sun Canopy
- Bassinet Look-Through-Window aka “Soleview” of the kid
- Matching Hand Made shoes

Only one is made…

Enjoy the pics!

(Pics by ElTounsy Fotografie )

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