Nike Air Pegasus German Reunification

25 Years are passed since the German Unity in 1990. To celebrate this years Day Nike is launching the Air Pegasus in a nice matching treat.
To unite East & West they used matching camouflage patterns of the West German Army (Bundeswehr) and the East German Army (NVA).

Flecktarn (5 color disruptive camo) X Strichtarn (raindrop camo) doing the job on the Nike Air Pegasus.

Insoles having the print of the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) with the dates 1990 and 2015 to make the story complete.

These limited trainers going on sale on 2nd of October. Right in time for German Unity Day.



    WHERE can I buy/order these on October 2nd?

  • what time will they release?

  • Can I buy this one online and you can ship it to Portugal?

  • Hi, this release is amazing! Is it possible to pre-order these shoes? Thank you.

  • Can these be pre ordered?